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Season Pass
Payment Plan

Split your season pass into equal payments with no interest.

The 2024/2025 Power Pass payment plan makes securing your season pass easier than ever. With no interest, this plan breaks down the cost of your pass into equal payments that are automatically charged on the 1st of each month. By December 1, 2025, your winter pass is paid in full. 

Available on Select Pass Products

Power Pass, Power Pass Select, Power Pass Core, My Weekday,
Active Duty Military

Step One:

Select your Season Pass.


Step Two:
Choose the Payment Plan


Step Three:

Enter your credit card information. Your card will be automatically charged in equal amounts on the 1st of each month until your pass is paid off.


Step Four:

Use your pass!

  • My child turns 13 before next winter. Are they eligible for Power Kids?
    The Power Kids pass is for kids ages 12 and younger at the time of purchase. As long as your kiddo is 12 when you register for the pass, you’re set.
  • Do I need to show proof of age?
    Yes. You’ll be asked to submit legal paperwork that proves your child’s age (most parents provide a copy of their child’s birth certificate).
  • Do I have to buy something to get a Power Kids pass?
    Nope! There’s no strings attached - this pass is really and truly FREE.
  • Will you ship my child’s Power Kids pass?
    Sure! Just make sure you select the free shipping option when you pick up your pass.
  • Does this pass come with any benefits like discounted hot chocolate?
    No, this pass provides pure direct to lift access - skip the ticket window, you’ll have more time for skiing!

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